Crooked Corrections

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Published by Ankle Bone Books in 2018

Written and illustrated by Jeannette Tossounian

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On October 27, 2017, Jeannette Tossounian received the 2017 Civil Liberties Award from the Ontario Civil Liberties Association. She was introduced in a memorable speech by Independent Senator Kim Pate who sung her praises of merit.

“There are many many examples of the way Jeannette has contributed to law reform… In the ways you have persevered even in the face of seemingly mountains of everything from police, to lawyers, to judges, to and some of the people who should be allied with you in these fights. And so I think it’s very appropriate hat you just won at the Ontario Court of Appeal and I think that you will continue your incredibly dedicated advocacy, your brilliant artistry and I, as many of you know, I have a piece of Jeannette’s artwork hanging, it was the first piece of artwork we put up in my new office and I am very proud of that.” Senator Kim Pate

In Jeannette Tossounian’s third and final jail book ” Crooked Corrections” a series which started with the wrongfully convicted artist’s collection of poetry and sketches “Songs from the Slammer” and then her most intriguing seller, the jail journals, “The Human Kennel.” All three books were compiled completely from content Tossounian wrote and created in her maximum security jail cell in a women’s detention centre in Ontario.

“Crooked Corrections” is a collection of essays and various interesting content assembled scrapbook style to complete the jail experience for the reader. Tossounian focused intensely to express to the public the injustices of the correctional system while she was experiencing it first hand – no doubt she succeeded in her intentions.

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