Songs from the Slammer

$15,00 plus shipping ($6.00)

Published by Ankle Bone Books in 2014

Written and illustrated by Jeannette Tossounian

$15.00 (+ $6.00 shipping)

Jeannette Tossounian is a life-long Canada-wide artist and write. She is a strong, independent woman who is often considered controversial when she stands up and speaks out on issues dear to her heart. Her brazen personality has often made her stand out and led her to be the target of people who oppose her views, sometimes in a violent manner. Tossounian had spent nearly two years in a maximum security facility in Ontario for a crime she did not commit, but was actually the victim of. She successfully appeal the conviction resulting in it be over-turned. Tossounian is an award winning artist, author and activist.

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